All About Scheduling

When dealing with any aspect of my life, especially the juggling act that I handle at home, scheduling is very important. From soccer practices, football games, school meetings etc, I have a list each day that I need to refer to several times.

The same goes at DDA when I am working on website optimization. It is the beginning of a new month and I have my freshly updated optimization schedule in front of me. This list is an integral part of how I keep everything organized and optimized. It lists who needs what, from meta tag focusing to social media optimization and everything in between. I am constantly making notes and updates to my optimization schedule.

With so many clients in our SureThing Search Engine Optimization Program, it is important to keep track of every site so nothing falls through the cracks. Each site received their website optimization, which is then entered into their status report. Then all information is listed in an email which is sent to the client and then (my favorite part) their name is crossed off of my list for the month.

Back to the optimization, I go!