Altogether Now

In theory, putting all projects in one place seems like a manageable thing. After all, how many projects can one marketing and advertising company have?

Try 850. Yeah, that’s right, 850 website design and development, video production, custom programming, medical illustration, animation, digital photography, and so many more, projects. All together in one spot, viewable on any browsing device, whether it’s a desktop computer or iPhone.

It’s a lot to manage. Trust me. But thanks to a group effort of graphic designers, Flash programmers, writers, web architects, and videographers, DDA has made it happen. Yes, the Universal Portfolio is now live. You can check it out here. Pardon us while we work out a few remaining quirks.

It took quite a lot of effort, and it’s not totally over just yet, but I think this new portfolio is going to be spectacular. Not only is it one place to view nearly everything we’ve ever created — it’s quite a sampling of work — it’s also a prime example of our iPad and iPhone compatible development services. No matter what you’re viewing our site on, you’ll be able to see the portfolio, which is cool to the say the least, especially since this whole Flash doesn’t run on Apple thing exists. DDA offers Flash conversion services as well, so if you have a website that doesn’t play correctly on the iPhone or iPad, don’t risk losing customers, turn to DDA. We’ll make it all better.

Next time you’re shopping for corporate or medical, interactive or traditional marketing and advertising services, ask yourself, what’s better, a company with just a few samples available for review or a company with 850?