America’s way!

Reports on expenditures on Search Engine Marketing indicate that not only is there another record growth year on tap for SEM, but that the increase of 37% is at the expense of other forms of advertising such as direct mail, broadcast, and trade advertising.

Great! American and global business continues to grow in its understanding of the value and opportunities search marketing offers to B2B and B2C advertisers in almost all markets and industries. The shift from more traditional advertising venues to Search marketing is not only because SEM tends to be more effective, but because it is generally more cost effective and more easily tracked and managed. It is really advertising one-to-one to the end user and advertising that is presented exactly when the end user is most interested.

Here’s the one major flaw with most firms’ Search Engine Marketing Strategy; 90% of the current year SEM expenditure is directed toward Pay-Per-Click advertising and not the far more valuable and far more cost effective Organic Search Marketing. Why, because America and Americans love the easy, quick fix way…even if it isn’t the best way.

Organic Search Engine Marketing, done right does cost more. It should, it is a lot more work. It involves proper keyword search pattern research, competitive analysis, content planning, keyword appropriate content development, special website architecture, pre-launch optimization, post-launch optimization, metrics, reviews and ongoing perpetual refinement.

The properly developed optimized website development will always result in a bigger website, more credibility with the major search engines, significant search engine rankings, and vastly increased organic search traffic. Unfortunately, this website development process, while pioneered and practiced daily by DDA, is rarely done elsewhere.

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