A Desire for Normalcy

It is Thursday and I am very grateful for that. You can probably tell from my other blogs that this week has not been the greatest. To add to it, I injured myself on the replacement car last night and now cannot wear shoes on my right foot. And as I hobbled out the door this morning running late, I came out to find police cars positioned at the top of my driveway to block my street. So waiting for them to let me out of my driveway was another inconvenience that I was not in the mood for.

So, while I do not participate in Thursday beer hour with all of our copywriters, programmers, SEO specialists, designers, and videographers, I am still glad to see the week come to an end. All of my problems started last Friday, so hopefully this Friday brings me better times. If all goes well, my car will get repaired tonight and everything can return to normal.