An Important Lesson

This weekend I learned firsthand how much of a negative impact the Apple/Adobe issues can have on an the end user. Without going into the whole drawn out story, a friend and I were in NYC Saturday night trying to figure out which late bus we could catch home. The friend I was with has an iPhone and while it helped us out at various times throughout the day, it was of 0 help when looking up the bus schedule. Why you ask? The schedule is in PDF format.

One thing DDA has been particularly good at through the years is in providing exceptional user experiences that are engaging and convenient. Our patient and physician portals increase convenience for many and our comprehensive eLearning platforms with immersive environments and synchronous media have provided interactive, intuitive, and attractive presentations that grab attention and keep the user engaged.

So it should be of absolutely no surprise that on top of website design and development, video production, custom programming, 2D and 3D animation, and search engine marketing (SEM) services, DDA now introduces AppleSavvy™. Our newest division converts existing websites so they’re iPad and iPhone compatible and develops from-scratch websites that run on all browsing devices. We even develop custom iPad and iPhone applications.

In today’s world with all of this technology, we expect to get what we want when we want. Nobody expects to not be able to see a certain site or access particular information when they have what’s supposed to be a mini-Internet in their pocket. Who do you think users will blame when they can’t pull up pieces of your site? Don’t take that chance any longer. Contact AppleSavvy™ today.