An Impressive Portfolio

Over the past few months (okay so it was more like 22 months), I have flipped through various vendor portfolios and picked out colors, designs and “the look” that I like best. One that sticks out in my mind was the bakery’s portfolio. The cakes were outdated and had a little too much icing on them, if you know what I mean. Having worked with this bakery several times, I know that they are capable of beautiful cakes and was surprised to see how lacking their portfolio was. Luckily I had a printed picture of the type of cake I had in mind, so I was able to order exactly what I wanted.

In order to impress prospective clients, you need to have your best examples ready to “wow” them. At DDA, a website design company near Philadelphia, we have several portfolios with projects that are simply amazing.  Our online portfolio is divided into several sections of our digital services that includes internet, print design, digital photography, video, cd-rom/dvd, illustration, large format graphics, 3d modeling, animation and virtual reality. We also have examples of our medical website designs, medical tradeshow booth, medical videos and animations in our medical portfolio on

With so much evidence of professional eye-pleasing designs, the choice is clear – Choose DDA!