An Interactive Experience

For the Fringe Festival, I went to a Samuel Beckett play called “Company”, about a man reliving his journey from birth to death, within the confines of his mind, perceptions, and memories. The play explores the the mystery and confusion that we all experience because of our limited perceptions as human beings, and the mind’s nature to imagine in that space. As the man lies in the dark, his mind keeps him company, but further confuses his experience of reality.

Instead of the audience sitting and watching as spectators, we were invited to experience the play through hearing, touch, and movement. We were given blindfolds and the lights were turned off. I put the blindfold on, and was led by an actor around the room until I was disoriented, then directed to lie down on the floor with a pillow and blanket. Soft music played, and a voice narrated. The person who led me around the room stayed by my side, and from time to time whispered in my ear, or moved my hands and legs to mimic the actions described by the narrator. It was an intimate and interactive way to experience a play.

Similarly, your experience visiting a website or watching a video can be enhanced by interactive elements. Being given the opportunity to engage in an interface, listen or watch a person speak about a product or service, can make the experience memorable, unique, and fun. Take a look at DDA’s website portfolio and video portfolio to get your imagination going.