Android and 3G iPhones

With new Android-equipped phones coming out this summer and the imminent release of the 3G iPhone, mobile phone readable websites are quickly becoming more than just stripped-down sites that have been used by Blackberry users for many years.

For those of you not currently familiar, “Android” is a software platform for mobile phones developed by Google and will bring serious competition to the iPhone, which is now going to also use the 3G network.  That means you can download and browse much faster than before.

What this means for the future of website design is still unknown. One thing to bear in mind, is that the native resolution of an iPhone is 480 x 320px. Of course these new phones resize sites, but if you only have 5 seconds to make a user interested, that top 480 x 320 could become very important indeed.

On an advertising point , these GPS-enabled website phones could offer tantalizing local conversation opportunities for highly targeted ads. As always the Internet pushes forward into new exciting territory