Appealing to your Ideal or Actual Customer?

Whether I’m producing brochure copywriting for print, search engine optimization copywriting for the Web, scriptwriting for a promotional or training video, or just about any other type of content, I often ask myself, “Self… would it be better to appeal to the ideal customer and/or the actual customer?” Say, for example, that I am responsible for creating copy to advertise a new product, such as a particular type of replacement window. Does this new product simply serve as an upgrade with more bells and whistles to appeal to the typical residential homeowner, or could it help customers the business may have never thought to target like commercial business owners/landlords, house flippers, developers, or designers? Producing good copy doesn’t just state the features and benefits, it dives deep into the human psyche to appeal to the wants and needs of loyal customers, as well as of an entirely new consumer group.  

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