Apples and Optimization

This weekend was our annual family hayride for pumpkin picking and apple picking. This is mostly for the kids since it’s always more fun to pick fresh apples with your cousins than having your mom pick up a bag at the supermarket. Kids were climbing trees looking for the perfect red apple, parents were snapping pictures of family members and everyone was enjoying a little time together. Now the problem… what the heck am I going to do with all of these apples?

So I Googled “apple recipes” and found a few interesting ways to use two massive bags of apples. Just out of curiosity (maybe it’s the Search Engine Optimization Specialist in me) I tried typing in just the word “apples” to see what would come up in the top slot. And there it was,, showing iPods, iPhones and iTunes. This surprised me in a way. I was expecting a website listing apple definitions and full of keyword-rich content describing apples. I looked through the meta tags, scanning keywords and descriptions and checking alt text.

So as a result of my apple searching, I have enough apples to make apple pie, apple crisp, apple tarts, caramel apples, applesauce…(you get the idea), and I was also amazed by the Apple iPod touch.