April Fools no one

It is April, the month of April Fools, Early Spring, the month of Easter, Passover, the years Second Quarter, and the anniversary of the start of the Revolutionary War in 1775.

I am full of optimism and hope. Maybe it is just spring,  business improving,  the world is starting to normalize or maybe I am just tired of dreary weather and naysayers and negative media reporting.

In any case, spring and  gardening and growing a business have many shared components.

For example the statement that I have planted a few seeds this spring that in a few weeks will take root, germinate, push through the earth and turn into a beautiful flower can be rephrased to say, the keyword rich content we added to the website this spring will add rankings, traffic and momentum to our already well trafficked website.

Or, given the right soil, enough sun and water and a little TLC, tomato plants will grow to over six feet tall and produce dozens of pounds of red, ripe, luscious fruit. Rephrased, with the right search engine friendly platform, sufficient research based content, aggressive search engine optimization marketing, time, linking effort and metrics, a website can dominate search engine rankings, propel a business forward, attract new customers and grow the bottom line.

Growing anything is not always easy, but it is always necessary and always rewarding. By growing something else, we grow ourselves.