ar•chi•tec•ture: the complex or carefully designed structure of something. Structure, construction, organization, layout, design, and build. These are the same building stones that are part of every project here at DDA. To create any steady, stable website or advertising campaign, we do not skimp or cheat. The foundation must be strong enough to handle the full load, functional for every day life, and also be aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching to be a successful endeavor. Leave out one of these important elements, and you are left with a flimsy, flash-in-the-pan that will not withstand the test of time and weather. Life is always in motion, moving ever forward, and we must create with the ability to accommodate present needs and enough foresight to handle future possibilities. DDA does this everyday, in every phase of construction, adding elements like 3d medical animations, animated medical videos, medical education video, on-location photography, Flash programming, medical IT services, medical content writing, custom medical illustrations, search engine optimization, medical training solutions, interactive video, virtual medical simulations, and if you want, we can make them iPad and iPhone compatible. DDA’s strength is in it’s architecture – everyday.