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The number 1 Question for on-site optimization..

Should the keywords in the keywords meta tag be separated by commas or not?
Who cares? Not Google that is for sure. This tag was so abused by keyword stuffing in the early years of SEO, that Google doesn’t even read it. I’m not saying don’t use it, just that it’s not that important. As for the exact answer to the question. Yes keywords and keyword phrases should be separated by commas. More importantly only use keywords or phrases that actually appear on the page, otherwise you are technically keyword spamming.

The number 1 question for off-site optimization
Should I create a links page?

What’s the links page for? I get people to link to me and in return I link back to them from here. This is backwards in so many ways. Reciprocal linking, which is what this is, can actually get you blocked from all the main search engines and even if it does not, it provides little to no value for either side. Do you think Google is going to give any weight to one link out of a hundred that is on a non-topic page pointing to your site? No. It’s a total waste of time and effort.