Are you providing useful multimedia tools to your customers? If not, DDA can suggest a few!

The past few weeks I’ve been scouring the Internet for a wooden playset to install in the backyard for my boys. I have very specific ideas for what I want it to look like and have not found anything that fits my idea of the perfect playset for two boys who climb around the house like monkeys. Our yard is peculiarly shaped with a bank and a wooded area, so we can’t fit a playset with a swing arm beam so I really just want a climbing tower with lots of different climbing accessories that will challenge my growing boys. Yesterday evening I called a sales rep from one company and he directed me to an online tool that allowed me to create my own playset! Bingo! Exactly what I was looking for. I was able to add rock climbing walls, slides, ladders, and rope climbs then spin the entire thing around 360º, remove items, add items, save it and then send it to the rep for pricing which I did this morning before I left for work. My boys helped me create it last night and I think they enjoyed it more than I did. Now, just need to brace my husband for the price tag that is the result of our unique playset configuration.

As I was using this “Configurator” tool, I couldn’t help but think about how DDA can easily create something just like it, and perhaps even better! I was making mental notes of changes I would make to the design and functionality. I thought of our talented group of multimedia and animation designers and programmers who have already created similar tools for our own clients. If I do purchase this playset, the #1 reason will be because of this useful tool they developed for their customers. With so many accessories and configurations available it was the only solution to aid their customers with their purchase. How can your company benefit from a similar feature that can be available from your website and let your customers know that their purchasing experience is your #1 priority?