Are you Ready for ‘Digital Gypsies’?

I heard an interesting story yesterday about how more and more people are cutting the cord on cable service, and this includes Internet service. The ability to watch video on Smartphones and Wi-Fi service being so widely-available is creating what they termed “digital gypsies.” I like that. While the experts interviewed believe it will take some time before cable is eliminated altogether, it’s similar to what happened with the phone companies. Many households have shed their land line and there’s a whole generation being raised “cordless,” meaning they’ve had a mobile phone since youth and the same number their entire life. It’s quite interesting.

So with all of these people now roaming free, relying more on wireless devices than desktop computers, what happens when arguably the greatest innovator of our time announces its devices won’t play one of the most widespread program of the digital age? The truth is it’s still a little to early to determine what repercussions will come from the Apple/Adobe fallout. As usual though, DDA’s not playing the waiting game. Our AppleSavvy division offers a state-of-the-art solution to the problem by converting existing websites to be iPhone and iPad compatible and developing new websites and interactive tools that run on all browsing devices.

If the future of the world really is the digital gypsy, then your company better be prepared. Take action now with the same company that revolutionized the eLearning industry with advanced virtual medical simulations and training techniques. From video production and animation to website design and development and search engine marketing (SEM), DDA does it all. Now, we help you prepare for the future, with development and conversion services from AppleSavvy.