Arguing a point

Perhaps the greatest stress of my on-going house renovation is the conflicts I keep finding myself in regarding the room plans. This weekend my fiance and I nearly got thrown out of our local breakfast eatery after engaging in a heated debate over the kind of sink we will use in our master bathroom. As I am a girl with an abundance of toiletries and hair accessories, my vote is for a vanity with ample counter-space. Heath, however, would prefer a pedestal sink and his offered compromise of shelves didn’t do it for me. I need drawers not shelves where my many accessories would be on display for all to see. Despite several attempts to make him see my side, he is still no where closer to accepting a sink/vanity but he has agreed to build me a separate piece of furniture, complete with drawers. Though this is not ideal in my eyes, I’m willing to buckle for the sake of our relationship and sanity.

The fact is, it’s hard to relinquish an idea or goal when you’ve been mulling it over inside your head for quite some time.  Heath does have a point. As we already have a pedestal sink, building a separate vanity will save us money as well as space. So I had to let go of my dream bathroom with plenty of ample counter space in the name of logic. At DDA Corp, DDA Medical, DDA Interactive, and DDA Video, it’s not uncommon to have to argue our point in an effort to maintain the best site usability and stability. Sure, something may sound cool but is it the best decision for your audience? At DDA, where quality underlines all that we do, this is a major part of our job. Our degreed web designers, developers, video specialists, and custom programmers listen to our clients’ wants and needs and then formulate the best plan of execution. No, it may not be exactly what you envisioned, but trust us, we spend time to arrive at the best possible solution and if you’re still not happy, we’ll work to arrive at a compromise…Like Heath and I did but with a lot less yelling. :)