As Good as Gold

Yesterday when I walked into DDA, a search engine marketing company, I checked my list of websites to optimize and everything seemed to run like every other Monday. Copywriters were typing away, designers creating websites, and programmers scrolling through lines of source code.

Then, what seemed to be a simple project turned out to be a daunting task that consumed my entire afternoon.

I needed to lay down my seo specialist hat to grab a level, hammer and nails to hang the latest touch of gold on the walls of DDA.

In our front lobby next to the 17 inch high letters of D D A, I needed to measure out how to hang six words that coordinate with six of our websites. DDA Corp, Medical, Video, CMT, and the soon to come SEM and Apps.

So, a measuring away I went. I plotted points along the wall and had everything set to go. Hanging letter after letter, then the curve ball came. Not all of the letters were the same size. After much sighing and head scratching, I figured out away to pull it off. Even with those darn E’s giving me constant problems! Every once in a while a graphic designer or copywriter would walk by and compliment the look of the golden letters, but I only saw the flaws.

In the end, the words turned out much better than they had in my mind when they were inches away from my nose while I was hanging them. Needless to say that I was very happy to be finished this project and resume my role as Search Engine Optimization Specialist for the remainder of my day, which was only about a half hour. As I walked out the door I thought, “Thank goodness that is finished!” and “I hate the alphabet!”

Then I walked in this morning to see three more golden letters patiently awaiting my return to work on my desk. Looks like I’m going to be switching roles again for a little bit today. It will be a nice break from the source code, meta tags etc. that I am usually looking at all day.

I just hope that all of the previously hung letters don’t fall off while I hammer in these final letters for a future website, DDA USA.