Ask and You Shall Receive

Lately I have been dealing with this “issue” with my five year old. I have always told my kids, “If you would like something, just ask. I might now always say yes, but if you don’t ask me, how am I supposed to know what you would like.”

He has been tip-toeing around asking for what he wants by sighing and saying something like, “I’m sure that I can’t have a snack now” or “I guess you are watching your show so I can’t watch SpongeBob in here”. If he would have said, “Mom, can I have a snack please?” or “Mom, can I please watch SpongeBob?”  he would have enjoyed a snack while watching cartoons.

At DDA, we have produced some pretty amazing projects, all by giving our clients what they ask for. From website designs with live streaming video or video webcasting, to a brochure design with a matching catalog design and business card design, we can handle it all. If you decide to come to us for website design and are also in need of search engine marketing… all you would have to do is ask and you would know that we are an award-winning search engine marketing firm.

So, contact DDA today and ask us about our list of digital services.  Just be sure you have some time, our list of services seems endless!