Asking the Questions

When preparing an accurate cost estimate and formal proposal for all potential clients, there are a lot of questions to ask, regardless of what the project is. Being a custom developer, nothing we do is derived from templates or cookie-cutter designs. So if it’s website design and development, we ask about content development, search engine marketing (SEM), and programming functionality. If it’s video production, there’s on-screen actors, voiceover narration, on-location video shooting, and scriptwriting to consider. This process goes on and on for everything from 2D and 3D animations to print production work, like brochure design and production.

Now, thanks to Apple and Flash, there’s a whole new issue to consider…does the video, animation, educational tool, etc. need to run on the iPhone and iPad? Since Flash won’t run on either of those devices, if the answer to that question is yes, the development process for all new videos, animations, headers, and more is different. That’s why we’ve created AppleSavvy™, a division of DDA, that’s focused entirely on converting existing sites to be compatible with the iPhone and iPad and developing new sites so they’re compatible with all browsing platforms.

Once again, DDA is looking out for your needs and asking all of the questions that need to be asked in order to provide the the most effective marketing and advertising services that meet all needs and get the best results.