At DDA, Practice Makes Perfect.

March rolled in like a lion last night. This morning Bucks County is sort of snowed in. And it presented an opportunity to anyone who plows snow as a side job to make some quick cash before winter gives in and spring announces its official arrival. Actually, I saw my first robin on Sunday! And that is a traditional harbinger of spring. Spring always means renewal and fresh starts and waking up to the promise of warmer days and budding trees and fields of daffodils. So what if there is slush and ice and wind and blowing snow. Later in the week, the temperature will climb and melt the mess away.

The business climate today is similar to the weather. We never know what each week will bring. Our Business Development team puts an inordinate amount of time quoting projects. We quote selectively, picking and choosing what we feel can be a win-win situation. But too many people are looking only for PRICE. They seem unable to distinguish that Dynamic Digital Advertising is a hybrid agency, one that always produces more than expected. What does it take for a company to recognize that we are different? One: take the time to check out our websites and our portfolios. Two: participate in a free conference call, and ask questions. Questions like, “How much do you outsource offshore?” Three: carefully analyze all the facets spelled out in a quote that assures your medical video presentation or the retrofit on your website is truly customized. Four: call our references. Five: Have faith. We have been doing this for over a decade and a half. We know what we are doing, and we have the results to prove it. And when you choose DDA, you have a direct hand in watching the progress of your project. If you are a very proactive client, the work moves along really quickly. If on the other hand, you take a long time to get back to your DDA Project Coordinator, the work will drag on for months.

All told, working with the DDA teams, be it to program forms or a shopping cart, or sitting with our flash animators fleshing out a medical illustration, or asking our content developers to write optimized copy so you can take advantage of organic search is a very rewarding endeavor.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” Aristotle