Attentive Marketing

On Saturday, I took my niece to a pool party. We both had a lot of fun. She’s only 5 and is not too confident in the water yet, though she loves it. I was amazed at how well many of the other girls her age swam. Almost all were able to get along by themselves without an adult. My niece wasn’t quite ready for that yet though, so I stuck by her side the whole time.

When you’re in a business that caters to clients, the philosophy is kind of the same. Some people need more attention than others. That’s not to say that not everyone is important — they are — but while some companies are well versed in a particular capability we offer, like search engine marketing (SEM), some are not. So we have to take the additional time to explain all of the issues and make sure the client understands what and why were doing what we’re doing. This applies to every service we offer — custom video production, website design and development, virtual medical simulations, and even our newest Flash conversion and iPad and iPhone friendly development division, AppleSavvy. We want to make sure all of our clients are comfortable at all times, and if that means taking some extra time to walk through the work we’re doing with a client point by point, that’s what we’ll do.

DDA is happy to offer our clients the level of care they need. Even if that means getting in the proverbial pool with them and teaching them how to swim.