I am not a good pool player. In fact, I am a very bad pool player so when I partook in a game this past weekend and performed well, I was surprised. My friends and fiance have been trying to instruct me in the art of pool playing for quite some time. Heath has given me angle tips, others have perfected my cue hold but despite the application of all the advise, I always seem to generate the exact opposite of my attentions. That is until Saturday. It all clicked and I won my first game against a formidable opponent. Yay me!Why was I suddenly able to win a game? I guess I have to attribute it to experience. I played the game enough that finally some skill set in.  If you do something enough you learn from the mistakes and with each new attempt, take strides into the right direction. At DDA, a full-service marketing and advertising agency, we have loads of experience. Since 1994 our staff has been exploring and perfecting the mediums of print and web design, creative copywriting, video production, interactive technologies, and much more. We are now at the point where our collective experience enables our team to delve into uncharted territories to secure innovative platforms and ways of marketing that position our client above all others.Who knows, with practice I may be able to improve upon my one-game winning streak.  I’ll keep practicing.