Back Alley Websites

“My site doesn’t need to be search-engine friendly” and “I don’t need any SEO done on it,” are the oddest notions to us here at DDA, and yet we still hear it time and time again.

If you have a business that is off-line normally, you wouldn’t open it, hidden away down some poorly-lit back alley with no sign and blacked-out windows, which is exactly what you are doing if you choose to ignore Search Engine Marketing and in fact any type of on-line marketing.

In 2008, people still just want a 6-page “about us” brochure website that serves no real purpose at all, as most likely the only way people find it is by seeing the website address on the bottom of the brochure you just gave them.

I don’t even want to think about the amount of time we have used up trying to convince people of the benefit of having a site that brings you thousands of fresh viewers each month, all discovering your company for the first time.

What’s more, it’s so totally baffling that even after sitting down and thoroughly explaining the benefits of SEO and the traffic you get and how controllable it is, they will smile and say “Oh no thanks. I’m happy with my site. I just want it to look prettier.”