Back to Full Weeks

The holiday season is totally over and we have just started back on our first holiday free week since. A full 40 hour week is back from here until the next national holiday. I don’t even know what the next holiday is where we get off work, but I know is a long way off. It’s at least 3 months or so. Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day will come and go, but those don’t garner the time off that other more prestigious holidays do. This part of the year is probably my least favorite. Along with no good holidays, we also have to deal with the stinging cold weather and possible snow and ice. That’s the case in the Northeast at least, in the more Southern states they might relish in the cooler temperatures as relief from the scorching summer heat.

Well while we are indoors here at DDA, we work hard on our computers filling out our 40 hours here to the fullest. The work varies from person to person as we handle so many different services. We do things like graphic design, 3D animation, database programming, flash animation, SEM, copywriting, video editing, and much more. Check out one of our many portfolios to get an idea about the quality of work we do. Then, give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you.