Back to Reality

This weekend, we packed up the kids (and what looked like a week’s worth of luggage) and drove up to The Finger Lake Region of New York. This long weekend couldn’t have come at a better time. With my everyday routine as a Mom starting to wear on me, as well as the added pressure of being a Bride with a wedding that is only two weeks away, I needed to get away! Looking at the beautiful landscapes and flowing waterfalls, sipping amazing wine, enjoying quality family time, and not touching a computer for four whole days was just fabulous.

Now that we are home, I have recharged my batteries and am back to my usual easy-going Mom, non-stressed Bride and back at work as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist. There is a little added stress at work for me this week since it is the last week of the month and I still have several sites in our SureThing Optimization Program that need website optimization elements implemented. And due to the holiday our usual four day work week has been cut down to three, but I will get it all done somehow.