bada bing for yahoo

A week after the Yahoo Microsoft agreement, how has it affected SEO/SEM? ermm, not much really.

This deal effectively gives Microsoft a 30% market share in search, which is a big eye opener for Google, especially for the PPC market. Microsoft search engine Bing has a higher conversation rate than Google Adwords, making it a tempting try for our advertising, and now with more traffic, it will be a no brainier, which could lead to loss of advertisers and therefore income for Google.

The problem with the deal is that although struck, it still needs to pass government approval for the antitrust issues and pass share holder approval, which could take up to 2 years, before we see a fully combined Bing/Yahoo system.

So, should we start optimizing for Bing? Well yes, of course, but you should be already. That is because you should be writing lots of human friendly keyword content. From initial research it seems Bing relies less on back linkings and more on on page factors. If you’re a white hat optimizer, then you should just keep doing what your doing. In the short term, don’t worry too much over it, but key and eye on your listings; 2 years can come and go pretty fast and you want to be ready.