Bark of a Clone?

I just read that they have cloned the oldest “Best in Show” winner of the Westminster Dog Show. He has won over 50 competitions, so I can see that there’s something special there. But cloning is a little scary to me. I guess that in the future it might be good to have a few spare parts of your own to replace some that may become damaged or broken, but what would the world be like having a whole bunch of the exact same “mini-me’s”s running around? At first, it might be a bit pleasant, even amusing to not have any confrontations. Everyone would always have exactly the same opinion; we would all smile and nod in agreement all at once. We would all be like robots- no variety, no excitement – How dull!

The same pertains to a business’ website and advertising. If you keep looking at the same thing over and over again, why would anyone think that you are better than the rest?  Rest assured, there’s no cloning here at DDA. We take that “something special” and customize it to your specifications to make it stand out in  the crowd. We are a full service advertising agency that creates custom designs for corporate or medical websites, animations, illustrations print brochures, tradeshow ads and banners, all complete with custom copywriting, programming and search engine optimization specifically written just for your needs. Don’t be a clone – Stand out in the crowd!