Be Yourself

From the latter part of high school into my early 20s, I went through some phases. Actually, it was like one long phase, which resulted in me with some very individualistic outfits and multi-colored hair. This is also when I discovered vegetarianism and the fun of nose piercing. I guess you can say I was trying to be an individual, to march to the beat of my own drummer. A drummer, by the way, my father wasn’t a fan of. It took some time, but I eventually got it all sorted. Now here I am with one-color hair and high heels, not as comfortable as the Chucks, but otherwise just fine.

At DDA, we cater to individuals. We’re a custom developer, which means every project we do is unique. No two websites are the same, nor videos, animations, or any form of print materials. It’s all based on that specific company’s exact needs. Taking this kind of approach allows us to provide the best solution for each client, which ultimately increases effectiveness and results.

Since we’re full-service, we have a wide variety of capabilities at our fingertips, which affords us even more flexibility to truly meet all needs. So if it’s medical device company and they want to do a comprehensive eLearning platform, with certification testing and video production, we can suggest a virtual medical simulation to make the experience even more interactive and engaging. For a pharmaceutical company with a new drug, what about a product-launch video? We also offer advanced search engine marketing (SEM) techniques for all of those corporate clients. The best part is with the introduction of AppleSavvy, we can offer all of that plus make it compatible on iPad, iPhones, and whatever else Apple will come out with next. In fact, we’re preempting the Apple vs. Adobe Flash struggle, which is sure to come to a major breaking point, by converting existing sites now so they’re compatible with iPads and iPhones.

So, after all of that, my point is, be an individual; do your own thing, without sacrificing excellent medical marketing and corporate advertising services. Plus, you can do all of this without coloring your hair. Contact DDA today to learn more.