Being #1 on Google

Often times I receive emails about being #1 on Google. I usually just end up deleting the many spam emails that I receive regarding this. At DDA, a search engine marketing company, we already know what it takes to be listed in the top spot on major search engines.

Our own website statistics show that we currently have 1698 terms with a first place ranking on Google. We have also attained 6234 terms ranking in the top five and 8182 terms in the top 10 positions on Google. And we have achieved all of this success with organic search engine optimization. We do not have a pay per click campaign for our website. We just continue to optimize our website and continually create page after page of keyword-rich content.

Being a search engine optimization specialist, I have received an email or two from a client regarding being number one for a certain single term in the search engines. In my mind when I read, “we would like to rank number one for the term _______” I think, “Yeah, you and everyone else honey!”

The truth is that achieving the number one spot is not an overnight success. And I must remind clients that patience is a virtue. Thinking that you can have terms that rank at #1 in a matter of a few months is unreasonable. It may take even longer than that for Google to reindex your website. As for new websites, they are stuck in Google’s sandbox for a short period as well.

I do my best to improve my SureThing Website Optimization client’s website rankings. And I have the ranking reports to prove it. It is just that people expect immediate results and need to realize that time is also a major factor in achieving higher rankings in the major search engines.