Blast from the Past

Recently, I have been in contact with a grade school friend that I haven’t spoken to in about 10 years. Through email, we exchange the usual “when we were little” stories and ask about each other’s lives, etc. She grew up to be a teacher, just like she always wanted to be and there was no explanation needed. When she asked what I do for a living I said “I am a Search Engine Optimization Specialist for an advertising agency in Southampton.” And then in the following email I had to define what an SEO specialist is exactly.

This happens a lot when I tell people what my role is here at DDA, a search engine marketing company. I spew out tasks, like working with meta tags and source code, header tags, content tweaking and whatnot, usually to find glazed over eyes staring back at me. It’s OK. If you don’t have a website that needs increased rankings in the search engines, then why should you want to know about website optimization and the everyday techniques that fill up more than half of my workday.

Then she said, “A few years ago, I was driving down 95 and saw this billboard and thought ‘Wow, that looks like a girl I went to school with,’ but I blew it off and kept driving.”

I have to laugh every time I hear people say that to me, when in fact it was me on that billboard design created for and by DDA.