Blog, Blog, Blog

Usually I have an easy time blogging, I just take something that happened during my morning routine as Mom and put an optimized spin on how it can relate to being an SEO Specialist. Well today, I have nothing. I am trying to work in how 5 year-old refused to get dressed and kicked and screamed until we only had about ten minutes before I needed to leave, or how my daughter just couldn’t decided which outfit she felt like wearing and must have tried on at least ten different outfits – but I can’t come up with any good segues between stories.

So far today I have updated the domain pages for a few websites that we designed, updated sitemaps and  urllists for a handful of websites and handled directory submissions for the clients enrolled in our SureThing Optimization Program. All of these website optimization elements are implemented in order to achieve higher rankings in  major the search engines. Let’s face it, if you have an amazing product or service, but your website isn’t showing up in the first few pages of search results, prospective customers will not find your site.

So contact DDA today and let our expertise in the field of search engine marketing and website optimization give your website the boost it needs to climb the search engine rankings.