Bloggers block

I just typed in Bloggers Block in Google and it returned just under 2 and half million. It’s amazing that Google can return so many Search engine results for any term you type in.

Here is a tip, if your looking for something exact you can enter a search into Google with speech quotes. When I enter “bloggers block” into Google it now only returns 30,000 results, which is still a huge number, but this is only pages where the words blogger and block are associated together, mind you not necessarily on the page together, it could be associated in a link to that page of even the page name.

Now this is one way to get clearer results, another is to be more specific. If I now add the word overcome in front of “bloggers blog” I know only have 1,130 returns, and every return on the first page seems to be relevant to what I need:

“Trying to Overcome Bloggers Block,” “5 More Tips to Overcome Bloggers Block,” “How To Survive Bloggers Block,” “12 Tips for Battling Blogger’s Block etc.”

This is typical of how people are becoming better searches and more specific when they are looking for information. From a search engine optimization point of view this is very valuable information, the once golden one or two word key terms or less valuable today and even harder to rank for. More specfic word phrases convert better and are easy to achive first place rankings for.

As for Blogger Block, apparently the solutions or the same as those for writers block.