Blogging in a Blizzard

So yesterday we woke up to a heavy blanket of snow covering everything we could see. It was a snow day. I was able to check my email randomly during the day, but I knew with three kids excited about snow that I would not get much work done. I emailed back and for with co-workers about ranking reports and website traffic reports, checked a few websites’ PageRanks and such. When I tried to blog yesterday, I couldn’t even make it through one sentence without hearing “Mom!!!”

Luckily, the snow stopped and the roads were clear enough that I wasn’t dealing with a 2 hour delay this morning. So here I am, back at DDA, ready to start my day as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist. Since this is my first workday in the beginning of a new month, I have a clean checklist that will shortly have notes scribbled, websites checked off and optimization steps written in each column.

I also have ranking reports that need to be updated and website ranking reports summaries to write. It’s going to be a busy day, so I better end this blog and get started!