Blognor Regis

Bognor Regis is a small seaside resort in England. A once-popular spot for people on the South coast. Much like the Jersey shore, its main redeeming feature is that is that it is a short drive away; you wouldn’t fly from California to go there on holiday. I bring this up as I am going on vacation next week and this is my last blog before then and that vague tie-in allowed me to use the title ‘and play on words ‘Blognor.’

While I’m away, Website Development will quickly grind to a halt; I expect when I get back on Monday to find a group of Website Programmers huddled in the corner of the office with post-nuclear-holocaust glazed looks of despair, keeping warm by burning site plans and printouts in the shell of their former computers. A tribe of Graphic Designers in the other corner fighting over the last skittles from my jar, eyeing the programmers’ fire with envy and hatching a plan to steal said fire for themselves.

The DDA Video and flash crew will most likely be holed up in our full-featured, in-house video studio, using our green screens as make-shift tents. The HD cameras long since pawned for food and pillows. This clan’s Leader, Laurence, adorning his throne made from our complete camera track system so he can wheel easily around his kingdom.

That said, I guess there is a slim chance that all of may not happen and the fine DDA team will prevail as always, meeting deadlines with ease and laughing in the face of adversity.