Building Your Business via Social Media

Many companies are adding Facebook and Twitter to their marketing plan for various reasons, such as they are reasonably simple to learn and don’t require too much time. If approached correctly, they can provide an effective way to promote your business and engage your followers.

For small businesses, Facebook and Twitter can be a powerful tool. Each provides a venue where you can build a following and communicate with them.

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter allow you to talk to your current and potential clients. If you’re not sure what to say think about:

  • Announcing a sale or promotion. Offer special discounts to your followers from Twitter and Facebook.
  • Link your fans to interesting posts and articles that you wrote – something that relates to your brand.
  • Keep your fans up to date about additions to your website, new service or product offerings, a great review of your business.
  • Ask your followers for feedback.
  • Host contests to engage your followers. (Like DDA did for Marks Jewelers!)

Be sure to engage your fan base in public conversation with your other fans. Most importantly, be sure you reply in a personal tone to the quality comments. This will help you build a better reputation.