C is for Cookie

Cookies are officially know as HTTP cookies , but often called web or tracking cookies. They are same pieces of text that are temporarily stored on your computer; they are not spyware or viruses; they cannot do any harm by themselves, but can by used for malicious purposes as well as good.

Cookies are basically used so that a web server can identify a individual user of its site, and then maintain data about that user over the period of multiple visits. Without this ability you would not be able to use a shopping cart, log into your email or personalize your MySpace page. All these are are reliant on the humble HTTP cookie.

The name and concept of cookies comes from the use of ‘magic cookies’ in UNIX computing and they named there cookie after Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.
cookie monster

Cookies are just one of the many website tools that DDA uses each day. Be it the latest flash or Coldfusion programming, we use all the available technology to make out website design not only cutting edge but user friendly and highly optimized. Giving our client the leg up on their competition.