Can Apple Kill The Web Search?

The popular search engine, Google, gets over 9.5 billion searches per month in the United States. Although other search engines such as Yahoo, MSN Search, Metasearch, and Bing continue to compete for a share in the market, they really don’t present a major threat to Google’s supremacy. Though ironically, there’s another contender that potentially poses a greater threat to Google and it’s not even a search engine- it’s Apple.

Before Google came around in the mid-1990s, Internet users relied on Internet service providers and web portals to collect and display content. Since then, Google’s search technology has developed into a dominating worldwide web searching powerhouse. Let’s face it, it’s pretty hard to find a web user who doesn’t use Google at least once a day.

Apple, on the other hand, now confidently stands on the other side of the Interweb battlefield. After launching its App Store in 2008, more and more smart phone users have been gravitating toward the growing library of over 150,000 Apps available for download. The iPhone (and more recently the iPad) has little by little been starting to replace the classic Internet search with more personalized mobile applications fueled by the user’s common interests. Instead of making several searches for weather, movies, games, and news and ending up with countless pages of search results (most of which never get viewed anyway), one can now say, “oh, there’s an App for that.” In due time, it’s possible that this “App craze” takes over and revolutionizes the Internet search!

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