Can it Handle the Traffic?

Last night’s drive home led me straight into a long traffic backup on route 611. Since I obviously drive that route home every night, I know the general traffic patterns. Normally that section is pretty fast and clear with occasional stoplights holding you up and you can sail until you get down another two miles and hit the big intersection. That intersection is where you will almost always get stopped, but you will still be able to move through at the next light change. So yesterday I hit this large traffic backup and I had flashbacks to a few previous times where there was similar bad traffic. One previous time it was due to an accident and the two lanes had to merge into one, while the other time they had close a stretch of the road and were diverting people to turn to the left or right down side streets. I didn’t know what it would be this time and as I slowly sat and made it through, I still don’t know what caused the backup. I saw no flashing lights, no accidents, no merging, no construction, nothing. It was just apparently really backed up. I guess somehow for some reason a lot of people had all ended up on this street at this time of night. That’s all I can think of or maybe I just missed something, but it was odd. I hope it doesn’t happen again tonight.

Backups and problems can happen when lots of people are using something at the same time. It happens with roads and it can happen with websites if you don’t take the proper precautions. There have been many occasions where I’ve heard someone recall how they offered some promotion or had something to show on their amateur or small business website that drew a lot of people and it resulted in their website being down. Then none of the people in the crowd end up seeing or getting to what they wanted. So what was the point then of having the site if it can’t handle visitors? That’s why you need professionals. Professionals can make sure you have the right bandwidth and settings to handle lots of traffic and can test it to ensure this.

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