Can you hear me now?

What every small business needs the most is a voice. Mostly they have a thought. Their product or service, approach to customer relationships, perhaps their physical location or facility, their staff and presentation are all things they would say or show or exhibit if only they had a way of getting their message out.

In many very real ways DDA is their voice. Marketing, advertsing, sales support, CRM tools, training CD Roms and/or DVD, medical webscasts, search engine maketing and search engine optimization, brochures, podcasts, websites, video integrated websites, videos, trade show exhibits, etc. Each and every branding, advertising and marketing project we do is helping a business to be heard.

How clear, how loud, how accurately, how effectively and how successfully they are heard depends on how well we at DDA do our jobs. The promise we make to each and every client is to bring all of our talents, skills and energy to the table in the most cost effective and effective way to make sure their message is well tuned, well understood and well received.

It is our job and our responsibility to make sure our clients are not just whispering in the dark.