Changing Names, Not Skills

Well this weekend I finally did it, I got married. All of the hours of planning were worth it and everything was beautiful. Now comes the traditional name change and I know that there is a ton a paperwork ahead, why can’t it all be as easy as changing my email settings?

Nonetheless, changing my name does not change the website optimization skills that I have gained over my many years at DDA, an award winning search engine marketing firm. I still know how to work my magic in the meta tags of a website, submit websites to directories and even create a page or two of content now and then.

With the website optimization elements that I implement into websites enrolled in the SureThing Optimization Program, it’s no wonder that we have several sites that have achieved very high rankings in the major search engines (including our own website,

So my clients may do a double take when receiving my monthly website optimization email, but they can rest assured that the name may have changed but the quality of work is still the same!