Changing Weather

It was already warm this morning when I walked out my door at 6:40 a.m. I knew then that the weatherman wasn’t going to be wrong. Today is going to be hot. I, despise being cold and craving warm weather, am not a fan of sticky humidity, especially when my allergies have been really bad the last few days and I already have a pounding headache.

Complaints aside, changing seasons is a natural part of life and you can either go with it or you can stomp your feet and whine. At DDA, we’re always innovating new technologies and adding onto our growing list of capabilities to offer our clients the best solutions for any problems, concerns, needs, or issues that may arise at any time. Website design and development, video production, search engine marketing (SEM), and even 2D and 3D animations are all examples of how we’ve adapted to help our clients. With AppleSavvy, our newest division that’s focused on converting websites to be iPad and iPhone friendly, we are once again fulfilling a growing need due to changing technologies.

As for the impending heat, as always I’ll just have to adjust. Before I know it, it’ll be fall again and I’ll be complaining about the crisp weather.