Cheap is cheap for a reason

College students around the globe anxiously await their completion of their college career. Just a few years ago, every student was taking up graphic design and liberal arts as their majors; most of these students just wanted a degree and did not care in which field.

Some students started their own business of designing websites for companies. This was only a few years back, though sometimes it feels like another lifetime ago. These companies wanted simply designed websites, user friendly sites, and something informative and useful for potential customers to use as a way of gaining a better understanding of the company. Unfortunately, when search engines became more and more popular, these cheap sites were put to the test…A test of dominance and presence on the web; a test they mostly failed.

These early websites were created with cheaply designed “shelf” software and pretty much each designer made let’s say 20 sites, all of which had identical menu options and functionality. These designers never took into consideration how to build sites which were compatible with search engine algorithmic “spiders.” Therefore, each site would be built and quickly lost among the rest of the web in a huge web of confusion.

DDA has been designing corporate, small business, and medical websites for companies in and around the Philadelphia area since the beginning of the website frenzy. DDA’s website design services will not be a “cheap” quick-fix solution, but a work of art and user-friendly, informative, business generator for your company. Cheap is cheap for a reason. Ever stop by a flea market and buy something for a quarter? You go home and it didn’t work? Yea, it’s the same for everything; make the right and informed decision. Give DDA a call to see how our graphic design specialists can turn your imagination into a reality.