Choose Wisely

After more than four months of waiting, my younger sister finally heard from what was once, her first choice school. First, let me say the process was supposed to take two weeks. Now on to the results…she’s been wait-listed. That’s right, you read that correctly. After all of the waiting, she has to wait some more. This is what’s commonly known as stringing someone along.

Now, there’s probably no way she’ll know a definitive yes or no before she has to make her acceptance to another college, so she’s moving on. Luckily, in the interim, she’s taken the time to get to know another college, through an on-campus overnight stay and a day-long acceptance event we just attended, so she’s feeling pretty confident about saying yes to them. Not to mention the fact that all of this back and forth with the other school has left her a little bitter. Plus, I should mention that she heard from another student, who was already accepted, that there is a housing shortage, which means no one is guaranteed a place to stay, even freshman.

On paper a lot of companies look great. Website development and advertising companies, search engine marketing (SEM) firms, interactive and digital marketing providers, and video production houses all package themselves to be the best, the greatest, the ones that will get you the most results. But then your company engages with them for a website, video, brochure, or whatever it is you may need, and suddenly you start to see all of the flaws. Communication is poor, designs aren’t up to par, or deadlines get missed. It’s about then that you start to regret your decision.

At DDA, we don’t string anyone along. We have full-service capabilities in-house, which means we provide everything from logo design and development and digital photography to eLearning platform development and virtual medical simulations. Plus, we’re responsive and attentive with a streamlined process. We get you exactly what you need in the most cost- and time-effective way possible.

So the moral of the story is, when you make DDA your first choice, you’re never disappointed.