It’s the last work day of the week before we are off for Christmas! Hooray! This is a highly anticipated holiday break for me. I have no real special reasons for being especially excited for this other than it being Christmas, but that should be enough. I have a 4-day break. I get to give and receive gifts. There are Christmas cookies everywhere. I got a carton of soy eggnog. My brothers are back from college and my sister is visiting temporarily. The smell of a warm fireplace and a nice pine tree inundate the living room. There are decorations all around and the wonderful light displays. A big Christmas dinner is just around the corner. Also, a new year follows closely after that. As the song says, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” I’d have to agree on many fronts. The weather might be the only part that isn’t that wonderful. I can stand the cold on Christmas, but on the days before and after I just see it as cold and not comfortable. So in general I would say a nice warm Spring day is the most wonderful weather of the year.

At DDA, the signs of Christmas are here as well. We are indoors so the weather isn’t a factor, but there is a bunch of Christmas decor up. Several staff members have also brought in some homemade cookies and treats. The candy-cane cupcakes were a new favorite of mine. We also of course have our day off marked on the company calendar that everyone is looking to for a little R & R. As we countdown to the day off, we keep ourselves content busily working away at the current projects at hand. With all the digital services we offer, there is no lack of variety in our tasks. We do things like 3D animation, video editing, digital photography, custom programming, copywriting, graphic design, search engine marketing (SEM), and everything in between. So give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you.