Well one problem on the car gets fixed and two others show up. The car now makes a nice squealing sound when I stop, but only if it is in drive. So if I have to put it in park to go check under the hood to see what the noise is, then it stops. I originally thought it had gone away, but figured this out this morning when the noise returned and I tried to check it out again. Also this morning I noticed that my right back tire was really low. I went to get air because it didn’t looked very good and apparently it was dangerously low. There wasn’t enough pressure to even read on the stick when I went to air it up at the gas station. Yikes. Maybe this has been slowly leaking over time from some pothole or something and I just noticed it now, or maybe it has a new slightly larger leak. I guess I’ll see as time goes on, but at least I’ll know to keep a closer eye on it now.

Once it was pumped up though the car felt a lot better. Aside from the squealing it’s in the best performance shape it’s been in a while. So hopefully the squeal is just a loose belt and my dad can replace it. If it’s more complicated than that I will be quite annoyed.

Whenever I leave my car with a mechanic something else ends up wrong. I sometimes wonder if I am being scammed. The place I last took it for inspection gave it back to me and it seemed fine, but when I drove it at night I realized that the shifting console didn’t light up anymore. It was a free inspection for me there, though, so I’ll continue to go there. It could just be a coincidence.

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