Color is Deceiving

Color is important. If it wasn’t, we would not carefully layout our outfits nor would we spend $25 per gallon on paint for our homes. About a month ago my parents bought a new home that needs some quality TLC. With that said, my time has been filled with ripping up carpet and painting bedrooms for them. Each room is a different color which was selected by who that room belongs to and me. While I will not be living there, I feel as though I have played a large roll in the overall tone of the home. “My” room is a calming mauve color, my brother’s is a gray-blue,  grandma’s room is a settling green, and the parent’s room is unique with two colors on the wall and a white chair rail to separate them.

My latest endeavor was to add some spice to the family room. Well, to be honest it came out looking like spicy mustard, not really what I was going for.  The paint chips in the store are deceiving. The burnt maple is certainly yellow, however on the card it looked much more brown. This was simply a trick that the human eye played on us as the other colors on the card were brown which caused us to not see the intense yellow. My parents will have to live with it and find a way to make it work with their green furniture because we purchased 2 gallons of mustard paint and it is non-refundable. In the end, we mixed the 2 gallons of yellow with 3 gallons of white, so it is lighter but still not what I hoped for.

I am finding that I am being faced with a similar scenario at DDA. We have created a brochure for a client who sells grout which has color critical color samples of all 40 colors. In order to reach the desired colors, our lead designer carefully created 7 variations for each sample and then we produced a press sheet for the client to review. From here the client selected a color that best represented each one of their products. We then took their selections and placed them into the final piece. Seeing the grout colors as individual colors gives a much different outcome than seeing the variations all laid out on a large sheet together. So, while some colors looked perfect on the press sheet, now they do not. We will take the time to assess what is different and make the required adjustments before going to production. In the end, this will be a process and product that we can be very proud of.

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