Commercials that Get the Point Across

The other night I was watching T.V. and after watching a commercial, I was left confused. Nothing seemed to grab my attention and when it was over I was left thinking, “What was that commercial even for?” Commercials need to get to the point quickly and effectively. They have a short period of time to leave a lasting impression. And this one just didn’t do it for me.

On the other hand, DDA’s commercial titled “DDA in 60 seconds” is full of information presented in a memorable way. I took a screen shot of a segment of the webmercial and it clearly lists our areas of expertise, which include search engine marketing, e-learning tools, video, programming, photography, illustration, copywriting, web development, interactive games, animation, graphic design and continuing medical information portals. Each second of this animated commercial is full of detailed information that is presented in text on the screen while being narrated as well.

So if you need an informative and attention getting commercial or webmercial for your company, turn to DDA and get your company noticed!