Communicating with Visuals and Sound

Today was my first day back after a brief hiatus to celebrate the marriage of my soon-to-be brother-in-law and sister-in-law. As both are deaf, the ceremony was unique in the fact that there was an interpreter to relay the sermon to the hearing impaired guests. From conversations between guests to the signing of music lyrics, the interpreters enabled clarity and communication.  This immersion into a new environment made me realize how dependent I am on sound. While I’ve always considered myself a visual person, I found myself struggling to focus on the mouthing of words to discern conversations and I was impressed by the guests ability to understand my every word just by watching me speak. I now realize that communication is a result of numerous senses. Not only do we absorb information through sound, but through visuals, touch, smell, and taste. Though we can not achieve the latter, DDA Medical can facilitate the transmission of visuals with sound via streaming video. In fact, two of our technicians are traveling to Tampa to facilitate the live online webcasting of an event. By doing so, viewers can partake in the conference from any location and have access not only to the speaker’s words, but the visual presentation material as well. It is a service we have seen explode over the past few months. From facilities looking to train employees located across the globe to key opinion leaders looking to communicate their thoughts, video webcasts have proven to be an effective medium of communication. Find out how DDA’s webcasting services can help your organization by contacting us today.