Communication Disconnect

I have written before about the new construction home that is being built on the lot next to my house. Well, this morning they took it upon themselves to disconnect our phone line from the utility pole.

The wire runs on a diagonal through the back corner of the empty lot and apparently it was too low for the case to fit under. No one ever took a minute to come over and tell us or to leave us a note. The developer could have easily called, he has both of our cell phone numbers, and he lives on the other side of this lot. Just another step in the process that will annoy me. Not having our land line working is not a crisis, we don’t use it all that much for personal calls anyway. It is just the idea of not having it functioning. I keep thinking of the “what ifs.”

Should the phones, Internet or email go out at DDA, that is definitely a crisis. We rely on these methods of communication so heavily that without them panic sets in. You can bet that we are missing new leads and that current clients are becoming annoyed if they cannot reach us. Luckily, our Programming department keeps everything running smoothly. It is very rare that we ever have any issues. We can continuously develop client websites, run SEO reports, manage our Pay Per Click campaigns, and communicate with each other and clients via email.

I wish it was as easy as calling IT at home.