Communication Needed

DDA prides ourselves on our outstanding communication skills. We do all we can to keep our clients as involved in their projects as we can. Whether it be asking their input on each step or just sending them an update so that they are aware where the project stands. When communication ceases projects crumble.

The same goes for the production houses that we work with. We expect frequent updates on all projects that we have out for production. If any project should run into an issue we are to be notified promptly so that we may pass the information along to our client.

When a production house does not keep us informed it breaks the chain of communication and ultimately ends in disaster. DDA pays very close attention to the work that is done by our production houses and should a process not work for DDA we will restructure and locate a production house that will meet our needs, as well as our clients.

“The problem with communication … is the illusion that it has been accomplished.” -George Bernard Shaw